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Data Extraction


Our business information department offers a variety of advanced solutions, for info gathering from the internet web.
Through our unique services, you can save tens to hundreds of manual labor hours!

We shall gather for you, every data you desire, which is revealed on the net, and transfer
it to you in the output manner, which is most convenient for you. Wasting hours after hours searching for relevant websites and data, copying manually, is not worthwhile for you or your business. Our business info department is the leader in the area of info gathering, and we can assist you a lot.

Service Advantages:

We have the option to gather any type of information, from an
y available source on the internet.

A business list can be gathered from any site, while adjusting the technology, in which it is built.
The info is gathered according to client's demand, with personal customization for his needs.

Gathering of a business list is done in innovative methods, which do not create an overload on the websites. This way, you can avoid blocking and website owner's complaints.

Gathering business list technology is very fast and enables us to gather in one day,  the same amount of data that would take a man 30 work days to collect.

The cost of our services is significantly cheaper, comparing hiring manpower, which will manually copy the data from the wanted website. The reason for that is simple – the work is done by computers.

The use of technology prevents human errors, which are relatively common, when manually copying data. As a result from that, precious data verification time and proofreading is saved.



One time information gathering service

Send us the details, regarding the website,  from which you desire a gathering of data and also info detailing,  that you wish to gather and we shall gather this information for you, fast and efficiently. You will receive the results from us, in the structure which you desire, once the process is finished. You can receive the results, as a WORD file, an EXCEL chart or a database file.


Continuous Information gathering services

If necessary, we shall provide Information gathering services for you fluently. Our clients need that in order to gather the most updated information, or to enlarge their listings in a constant manner.


Common uses:


·          Downloading a catalog - extracting product data out of a company's catalog, in order to upload products to your website, in a simple 

        way, to hold a price comparison survey, to find economical opportunities or to monitor changes in competitors prices and inventory.


·          Building a potential client list - collecting communication details of members in a specific website, or in a certain group. You may

        use this information, in order to advertise to a this group, or for building lists for sales array. There are thousands of registered member clubs on the internet. A big amount of them may become an excellent target  audience for the product or service you provide.


·          Content union - Info gathering from a number of sites, its analysis and its display on your website.




The pricing of each project consists of the time of data gathering, the complexity of the adjustment of the technology, for the wanted site and is influenced by a number of causes:
1. The technology, in which the site is built in.
2. The number of pages, we have to scan.
3. The amount of listings, we’re required to collect.
4. The amount of wanted data field to each of the listings.

Please contact our specialists, in order to receive a price offer, for the gathering of data, in which you are interested in.


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