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E-mail Advertising Campaigns


The most popular reason for internet surfing is e-mail reading. The average surfer connects several times a day to check his mailbox and spends even a longer time reading letters rather than net surfing. Every market manager has to control the fine art of e-mail advertising. Although this channel  of advertising seems obtrusive in the eyes of surfers, its advantages are numerable and may significantly improve the performance of customer service department and sales department. For more information on e-mail advertising click here.


Services that we provide for our customers are:


 - Advertising based on the amount of messages


 - Advertising based on surfer entries to the website


 - Advertising for increasing sales by leads




Advertising Based on the Amount of Messages

The package includes:


·      Designing a marketable newsletter or ad for net distribution or client club.


·      A cut based on focused delivery, for addressing the most potential client audience.


·      Focused market analysis services.


·      Consultation and change during the campaign for achieving highest results.



Amount of messages per campaign

Campaign price


Up to 100,000 messages



200,000 messages



500,000 messages



1,000,000 messages



2,000,000 messages




·      The amount of priced messages is the amount that actually reaches the addressee's boxes not the sent amount!



Advertising Based on Surfer Entries to the Website

The package includes:

· Designing a marketable newsletter or ad for net distribution or client club.

· Building a referring site – a website that links to the advertiser home site,  to avoid exposing the home site,  during

  advertising. The referring site also helps us to follow the visits the campaign produces by measuring the

  number of references from the referring site to the home site.
· This package is suitable for advertisers, who wish a significant increase of surfer movement in their websites. The more the product or the       service the advertiser offers on his website, more generic – the wider the target audience is, and the bigger is the amount of visitors. A  

   site  with a good conversion ratio, can produce many benefits from this package such as: surfer detail gathering, increasing the amount of 

   daily visitors for a long period of time and enlarging the sales volume immediately.

· Price of this package varies according to the ordered amount of site entrieswhich we determine with the client while planning his campaign.


For contacting us and receiving a price offer  click here



Advertising for Increasing Sales by means of Leads

The package includes:

· Designing a marketable ad for net distribution that when clicked, leads the surfer to a landing page.

· Building a landing page – a limited content site, in which the client can receive additional information about the 

  product or service offered and leave his details for future contact.


· Filtering leads,  which are not relevant and receiving an optimal list of interested clients.


· Use of an advanced lead management system, which enables a fluent tracking after salespeople

  and after the conversion of the leads into sales real time.



What is a lead?

A lead is a contact request by a potential client, who is interested in the product or the service offered. In this advertisement package,  payment is calculated according to the amount of clients who applied  for further details or a purchase proposal.
The price of a lead,  varies according to the amount of ordered leads,  during the advertising order.
For contacting us and receiving a price offer click here.




Advantages of Advertising Using E-mail

The 12 significant advantages of advertising by e-mail messages, over other means of advertising are:

1. Low costs alongside impressive performances – the costs for the advertiser are significantly lower because of the electronic medium. Therefore, the costs for the advertiser are significantly low. There is no need for a printing store, renting special men power, telephone costs or the acquisition of broadcasting time. The cost of reaching each addressee,  is significantly cheaper than any other marketing tool and those costs significantly decrease,  the more you approach a wider audience. The most important piece of data for every marketing person,  is the return of investment (ROI) and with no doubt  that, the more the use of e-mail messages is applied as a means for advertising produces,  the greater the return related to the investment. This return can be expressed with product ads or advertised service, in the amount of surfers, who visit the site daily, by creating a media buzz and increasing the amount of sales.
2. Very fast responses – when ordering advertising with different media, we have to wait a longer period of time from the moment of decision making, until client response. This period of time includes the commercial's production, waiting for its distribution and waiting for the client to react. When dealing with e-mail advertising, this period of time shortens significantly and that’s because producing the commercial, delivering and client response are extremely fast. When using electronic media, 75% of responses are received already during the first days of distribution.
3. Measurable results – when dealing with electronic media, the results are measurable. During the campaign,  you can detect by means of statistical data, what works and what doesn't.  The factors that can be measured are: the amount of sent messages, which arrived to their destination, the amount of ad views, the number of surfers, who entered the site through the ad,  in order to receive further information, and of course, the amount of people interested in an acquisition.

4. Accurate reaching to target audience - the internet offers, a maximal cross section of the target audience, when every potential client can be reached, according to his surfing habits. The cross section can be made by the following characteristics: gender, age, status, occupation area, and residing area, being a part of a sector, common interests and many others. Naturally, the more we address a more focused audience, the greater the level of interest in an advertisement with according results is.   

5. Longer exposure – internet advertising offers us access to the client in an ideal time. Most surfers in Israel connect to the net from home or their work place, while taking a break from their fluent work. When a client is exposed to a message, he's not troubled by other matters, but is actively in data reception mode. The internet is the only means of media, which enables an arrival to the client this way! The amount of information that reaches the client during internet advertising exposure,  is significantly bigger than any other means of media and is not limited by time.

6. Reference to links for additional information search – each internet ad, as small and as simple it is, allows the costumer to search for more information. Through links, we shall direct the client, from the commercial, in his mailbox, to the company's homesite or landing page, which is built especially for a campaign. Meaning, there is no limit to the amount of information, you can expose to the client through the advertisement. We will always aspire to give the costumer all the relevant data, in the simplest way and in such a manner, that he isn’t flooded with information, but can still receive it whenever he wishes to.
7. Option for anonymity – when advertising in the electronic media, the advertiser isn’t obliged to identify himself. When distributing the ad,  it is possible to send from any e-mail address and to direct the client to any internet site,  that is built for this purpose. The use of sending e-mail messages from an anonymous source, is not popular due to the advertisers desire to reveal their name and create as much as possible awareness for their goods. The use of anonymous advertising is made, when an advertiser is interested to create a third party impression, which is free of interests, during the ad display to the client.

8. Contact with a client club – in order to consistently increase the movement of surfers visiting the website and sales scope, each business should preserve a loyal client club, as much as possible. Nowadays, due to the gap narrowing of customer service or the product quality between different suppliers, the client can choose the suppliers he wants to purchase from and those he wishes not to. The more we ensure the growth of our client club, the more we can enlarge repetitive sales scope and the visitors on the website. In order to increase the amount of surfers and sales, we should always update our website's contents supply. By now, you must have guessed that the best way to update client, on innovations sales and on changes, is by using e-mail messages to the business's distribution list.


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