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A newsletter is an electronic magazine used for client updating on website news, attractive sales and new products. The more interesting the info we shall offer and the more attractive prices for the addressees, the more we shall increase the number of visits to the website while advertising and the sales scope accordingly.

Newsletter distribution services are exclusively for the client's Opt-In lists only.

Delivering e-mails through us includes:

1. Fluent tracking of e-mail arrival to the addressee inbox and prevention of reaching the junk mail folders.
2. A statistic tracking of the amount of ad views and amount of clicking different links.
3. Cleaning distribution list from invalid addresses or inactive ones.
4. Managing a removal list from distribution list of those who wish to.
5. Inspection and prevention of domain registration on

Building a club
In recent years, the business perception of the client, has changed and most modern business establishments, base themselves by means of large client clubs and repetitive shopping. The most prominent examples are food networks and cellular companies. Therefore, we have to recruit a large quantity of existing and potential clients, as much as possible to our client club, by offering different benefits and fluent updating.

The more we offer a client benefits which are perceived as meaningful, the more we shall be able, to demand from a client to give additional details, other than an e-mail address while registering. The simplest way for data gathering, is by a selling process, when we confirm the client's details, yet we have to aspire for enlarging the client club, as much as possible, rather than rely on the gathering from sales only. Clients' details can be gathered through additional ways:

• Registering to a website in order to get access to info contents or in order to perform certain actions.
• Registering to a quiz or a lottery
• Registering for receiving benefits, info on sales and updates.

Newsletter Distribution Prices
E-mail distributing up to 10,000 addresses * R850
E-mail distributing up to 20,000 addresses * R1,240
E-mail distributing up to 50,000 addresses * R2,285
E-mail distributing up to 100,000 addresses * R4,050
E-mail distributing over 100,000 addresses *contact us


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